अमृत रिफॉर्म 2016-17

Reform milestones during FY 2016-17
1 E-Governance Coverage with E-MAAS Go live Annexure 1.1
Ongoing http://crsorgi.gov.in 
Registration of birth/death/ Marriage Go live Annexure 1.1(a)
Ongoing http://crsorgi.gov.in
Water & Sewerage Charges Ongoing Annexure 1.1(b)
Grievance Redressal Go live Annexure 1.2
Ongoing http://jansunwai.up.nic.in
Property Tax Go live Annexure 1.3(a)
Advertisement tax Ongoing  Annexure 1.3(b)
Issuance of licenses Go live Annexure 1.4
Building Permission Not Started  
Mutations Go live Annexure 1.5
Payroll Not Started  
Pension and e-Procurement Not Started  
2 Municipal Cadre Establishment of Municipal Cadre State Level  
Cadre Linking Training
3 DEAS Appointment of internal auditor Attached Annexure 3.1
Publication of annual financial Balance sheets from FY 2009-10 onwards are uploaded along with the audited Balance sheets from FY 2-14-15 onwards Annexure 3.2
Statements and audited Balance Sheet on website
4 Urban Planning Energy Efficiency Projects Attached Annexure 4.1
Develop at least one Children Park every 1) Indra Awas Colony Park
2) Lal Badadur sastri park
Annexure 4.2
year in AMRUT cities
5 Devolution of Funds & Funtions Implementation of SFC recommendations within timeline State Level  
6 Review of Building Bye laws Adoption of Model Building By-Laws- 2016  
7 Set up Financial Intermediary at State level Establishing SLFI at state level  
8 Credit Rating Complete the credit ratings of the ULBs Attached Annexure 8.1
9 Energy & Water Audit Waste Water recycling and Fecal    
Sludge Management