Town Planning Department

Town Planning Division of Etawah Nagar Palika is primarily responsible for planning, acquisition, allocation and control of town planning and its related activities. Its key responsibilities are:

Structural Planning

    • Physical and Strategic Planning.
    • Formulation of Micro Level Town Planning Schemes.


      • Acquisition for Road widening.
      • Acquisition for Rehabilitation.
      • Levy of Betterment Charges.

Development Processes

      • Development of land.
      • Allotment of Housing, Shops & Offices.
      • Management of Pay (Parks etc.).

Development Control Processes

      • Control of Hoardings.
      • Encroachment removal.
      • Control of hawking zone.
      • Collection of Fees and Charges.

Special projects

    • Formulation of integrated Road Designs.
    • Formulation of building designs.