Places to visit

Lion Safari:

In Etawah Lion Safari is a drive-through wildlife safari park where people will move in caged vehicle while the lions and other animals are seen moving freely in the jungle. The Lion Safari is developed to provide alternate home to Asiatic lions that are now limited only to Gir Forests in Gujrat and it also feature a Lion Breeding Centre.

his is the perfect place for visitors to have the closest view of lions in their natural habitat.  It is expanded on approximately 1000 acres of land, out of which 400 acres are for lion safari and remaining 600 acres for other animals. It is open 24 hours to let the tourists enjoy the safari to the fullest.

National Chambal Sanctuary:

It is spread over the Agra and Etawah districts. Here around 290 different species of migratory and resident birds can be seen especially during winters when migratory birds fill this place with their chirps and tweets. Along with the beautiful view of birds, a boat ride in its serene waters during this time is an exhilarating experience with spectacular sightings of the big reptiles basking along the 180 km sparkling sand stretches in the morning sun. Apart from this, the major tourist attraction found here are the flamingos that arrive here in November and stays here till May.

Sarsai Navar

Sarsai Nawar is a small unprotected wetland, en route to Saman Wildlife Sanctuary, in Etawah District of Uttar Pradesh. The major tourist attractions here are the two lakes that attract Sarus Cranes, White Ibis and other water birds in large numbers. It has a large population of the threatened species of Sarus Cranes, the world's tallest flying birds. In winters, almost more than 40,000 migratory birds from northern arc visit Sarsai Nawar wetland that creates a mesmerizing and awe-inspiring view to the visitors that makes this place a must visit.