Geographical Status

Etawah is a main city and a major constituency of Uttar Pradesh. This is located on Delhi-Kolkata National Highway 2 and on the Western central of Uttar Pradesh in Northern India and on bank of Yamuna river in Southern-East of Agra. There are many carters in this city, which separates old city (South) from city (North). Bridge and embankments, connects the both.


Etawah is totally located on Gangetic plains, due to which many geographical variations can be noticed here. This district is divided into 4 geographical features.


Northern part of the district is separated from Sengar river, which in local language is known as Pachar. In this portion various kind of fertile soil could be found, in centre of which bog is formed, which creates small branches. Due to fertile land, it keeps agricultural land, that’s why this land is attached highly populated cities.


Second portion of located between Sengar and Yamuna river is known as Ghar by localities. Here red coloured fertile soil can be find easily.

Although many major districts are located in this portion but, less population seen to be settled here in comparison with northern part.


On the Southern portion of Ghar, where on upper portion, channels are available is know as Karka as 3rd portion. A very few population could be found here. Soil of this region is as same as Ghar region. Besides this many deep channels could be found here in many portions, which are covered by thorny bushes.


The fourth portion of Etawah is located in middle of Yamuna and Chambal river, which is known as Paar. This portion covers many regions like Auraiya, Bharathna and Etawah districts. In this district along with black soil some sand dunes are also found.

Climate of Etawah

Rainfall level

Average rainfall of district is 792 millimetres, which generate from Southern-Western monsoon winds from June to September. Maximum rainfall here could be noticed in August month.


In Etawah excessive heat in Summer and excessive cold in Winter could be experienced. Here in May and June excessive heat can be experienced, which could exceed the limit of temperature to 46 degree. By the end of June, when monsoon enters the Etawah, temperature randomly decreases and by November temperature constantly keeps on decreasing, after which the city welcomes the Winter season. The most cold month of winter in Etawah is January, which reduces the temperature to 8-3 degree.