About Etawah Nagar Palika Parishad

The origin of name of Etawah city itself has a very interesting story. The existing traditions of ancient Etawah city prove this interesting incident which happened during Rajput era. According to world famous story, during Rajput era the king of Chauhan dynasty Sumershah had went to bank of Yamuna river in Etawah, where he saw incredible act of nature. He saw a goat and a wolf that were drinking water together on the bank of Yamuna. After seeing this incident, king went to astrologers and consulted about the incident, who advised him to build a fort at that place where wolf and goat were drinking water together. According to astrological calculation building fort will benefit the king.

When construction work of fort started at the decided location, then, while digging foundation labors working there found a brick of gold and silver, which made them excited and they started shouting “Eeet Mili, Eeet Mili” after hearing which the place was named as “Eeet Aaya” which later turned into ‘Etawah’.

Location and Borders: District Etawah is located at North West of Kanpur. Its northern border touches the Mainpuri and Farukkhabad district and the newly constructed district Auraiya. Its Southern border partially touches the Jalauna and Bindh (Madhya Pradesh) districts and western borders touches the border of beloved city of Taj, Agra. District Etawah is located parallel to 26, 21 and 27 degree on northern latitude and 78 degree 4 portion on eastern longitude.

Foundation of Municipal Council, Etawah

Municipal Council, Etawah was founded through Notificatin-332 date 11 July, 1884 on 16 August, 1884. At that time district was divided into 10 wards.

Current Situation

Municipal Council, Etawah
Total area – 48 Square
Ward - 36

Position of municipal council board

Director : 01
Ex-officio members : 02
Members : 36 elected
Members : 05 elected by government

Population as per 2001 census- 2.10 Lac

Population as per 2011 census- 2.56 Lac

Telephone number : 05688-252397
Fax : 05688-252397
e-Mail : etawahnagarpalika@gmail.com
Website : www.nppetawah.in