Amrut Reforms 2015-16

Reform milestones during FY 2015-16
1 E-Governance Creation of ULB website Website has been created  Annexure 1.1
Publication of Newsletter  E-newsletters are regulary uploaded in the website. Annexure 1.2
Support Digital India Optical fiber cables have been laidout  to support digital india Annexure 1.3
2 Municipal Cadre Engagement of interns State Level  
3 Augmenting Double Entry Accounting (DEA) Complete migration to Double Entry Accounting System and obtaining an audit certificate to the effect from FY 2012-13 onwards Balance sheets from FY 2009-10 onwards are uploaded in the website Annexure 3.1
4 Urban Planning Publication of Annual Financial Statement on website  Budget from FY 2016-17 onwards are uploaded in the website Annexure 4.1
Preparation of SLIP and SAAP. State Level  
Make action plan to progressively increase green cover in cities to 15% in 5 years State Level  
Develop at least one Children Park in AMRUT cities 1) Indraawas colony park near RTO (2015-16) Annexure 4.2
Establish a system for maintaining of parks, playgrounds and recreational areas relying on People Public Private Partnership (PPPP) model. State Level  
5 Devolution of funds & Functions Ensure transfer of 14th FC devolution to ULBs. State Level  
Appointment of State Finance Commission (SFC) and making decisions
Transfer of all 18 functions to ULBs
6 Revision of Building Bye-Laws Revision of Building Bye-Laws periodically State Level  
Create single window clearance for all approvals Achieved by development authorities and Avas Vikas Parishad as per provisions of chapter Two of UP Building Bye Laws 2008, 2011 & 2016.On Annexure 6.1
7 Municipal Tax and Fees At least 90% coverage Achieved  Annexure 7.1
At least 90% collection Achieved  Annexure 7.1
Make a policy to, periodically review property tax etc. State Level  
Post Demand Collection Book (DCB) of tax details on the website Achieved  Annexure 7.2
Achieve full potential of advertisement revenue Achieved  Annexure 7.3
8 Levy Collections and User Charges Adopt a policy on user charge for individual and institutional assessments State Level  
Action plan to reduce water losses
Separate accounts for user charges Separate accounts is there. Water charges is taken up as user charge. Annexure 8.1
At least 90% billing Achieved  Annexure 8.2
At least 90% Collection Achieved  Annexure 8.2
9 Energy and Water Charges Energy and Water audit Audit for Street Lights not done yet.
Water audit was done by the EESL. 
Annexure 9.1
Making STPs and WTPs more energy efficient At present 2 STPs are present in Etawah city with capacity of 10.45 MLD & 13.5MLD.
Further Proposal of STP is given under, waiting for the approval of the same.
No WTPs present or proposed.
Annexure 9.2
Optimize energy consumption Presently, NPP has been floated tender for conversion of 2000 +1800 SL in to LED Lights. Annexure 9.3